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Lace & Satin Wicker Basket

Lace & Satin Wicker Basket

SKU: WAB16-218
Large white basket trimmed in satin, lace has a white satin inside bottom. 15" long, 15" high, 12" wide. Suitable for wedding programs, corsages, favors, wedding and baptisim. Trim all hand done in U.S.
  • Lace & Satin Wicker Basket

    White wicker basket covered in lace and satin can hold many programs, wedding corsages for your guests, cards of well wishers, wedding favors. It could also be used as a gift basket filled with nice things for a bridal shower. It surey will become a keepsake.  

    This one of a kind basket, measures approximately 15" long, 11 1/2" wide, 4 1/2" deep. Center from bottom to top of handle 15". The bow, white roses and greenery are wired on and can easily be removed. 

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