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Lace & Illusion Vintage - Size 0

Lace & Illusion Vintage - Size 0

SKU: VG1014-6
  • Lace & Illusion

    Size 0, modest vintage wedding gown with a slightly off-white appearance due to aging of slip. 

  • Size

    Size 0. No size label. Gown measurements: Bust 32". Waist 25". From underarm to waist the seam can be let out up to 3 1/2" allowing the bust to go to 35 1/2". Length from waist to hem at center 44 1/2"

  • Features

    Off-white lace and sheer (nylon?). Hooks for bustling. Pearls on bodice. Embroidered illusion below neck front.  Sleeves have cuffs. Zipper back. The zipper works. It is unzipped in the photo because the model is larger than the bridal gown. 

  • Condition

    This gown is clean, unstained, no defects found and is in excellent condition.