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Boyds Bears & Friends Cake Topper

Boyds Bears & Friends Cake Topper

SKU: WAC18-315
Collectible Boyds Bears & Friends. Glenville and Beatrice 14E/2876. Dated 1995. "TRUE LOVE". Back is also stamped "1995 TBC". 6 1/2" high, 5 1/4 wide.
  • Boyds Bears & Friends Cake Topper

    Bride and groom under an arch of green leaves, off white and mauve roses and two doves.




    Boyds Bears & Friends bride and groom under and arch of green leaves and off white and mauve roses and two nesting doves. The center says, "TRUE LOVE", with two gold hearts. Overall height is approximately 6.25" and width is 5.25". 

    Boyds Bears & Friends. Grenville and Beatrice. 14E/2876. Dated 1995.  Back is also stamped: "1995 TBC".

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