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How accurate are the descriptions?

What is featured at is guaranteed to be as described. A detailed description indicating the condition, size, color, measurements and special features is given for each item.Please note that the colors shown on this site are not necessarily true to the items. We do our best to depict the actual color but they are often viewed differently on different monitors. Please contact us for additional information or clarification on any item.

How can I make sure I’m ordering the right size?

Since we are a company that specializes in previously-owned clothing, many of our dresses may have been altered or custom made for the original owner.


Each dress lists its actual measurements. Checking the actual measurements and comparing them to your own measurements before placing your order is the best way to avoid size errors.


Check out our measuring guide to assist you in determining your measurements. Getting professionally measured is the most reliable way to ensure the most accurate measurements.

Will the color of my dress match the color I see on your website?

The colors of our products that appear on this site are displayed as accurately as possible. However, the actual color may be different depending on the calibration of your monitor. Also, please note, that not everyone has the same impression of a color by its name.

What is Gently Used / Secondhand

A gently used or secondhand item is something that has been previously-owned and may or may not be in the same condition as it was originally.

What is Vintage / Retro

Vintage or retro clothing are generic terms for garments originating from a previous era. Garments that closely resemble original vintage/retro clothing that are mass-produced, are generally referred to as vintage inspired. 

Will my dress be ready to wear out of the box when delivered?

Although every effort is taken to prevent wrinkling, all gowns should be steamed or pressed before wearing.

Can I come in and try on a gown I saw on your website if I'm in the area?

Yes, by appointment only. When making an appointment, please provide the SKU number of the item you are interested in and your measurements. Make an appointment by emailing

Great care is taken in measuring accurately, making returns for a poor fit is unacceptable. Refunds will be accepted only if the item is grossly misrepresented. See Returns & Refunds for more information. 

What are the different dress lengths?

Mini Dresses

Mini dresses show off the most leg since they sit above the knee and usually stop at mid-thigh, but some may go even shorter. 

Midi/Calf Length Dresses

A midi dress sit over the knee and above the ankle. Midi dresses come in many different silhouettes and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Wear a pair of nude heels to elongate the legs.

Ankle/Tea Length Dresses

Tea length dresses fit 2 or 3 inches above the ankle. They're perfect for summer weddings, graduations, luncheons and parties.

Full Length/Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are full length dresses that flow all the way to the floor. Maxi dresses can be formal enough for a wedding or casual enough for the beach.

How are your trains measured?

Our trains are measured from where it hits the floor as if it were to be cut off at floor length. 

What is the difference between satin, silk-like satin and matte satin?

Satin: heavy and smooth with a high sheen on the front; very commonly used for bridal gowns


Silk-Like Satin: smooth, silky satin with a glossy front and matte back 


Matte Satin: soft, subtle shine and a smooth surface; similar to silk-like satin but less prone to wrinkles

What is Tulle?

Tulle is fine netting made of silk, polyester, cotton, nylon or rayon that is used primarily for skirts and veils (think ballerina tutus)

What is Taffeta?

Taffeta is a rather stiff, smooth high-end fabric with a sheen

What is Organza?

Organza is a crisp and sheer like chiffon, but with a stiffer texture reminiscent of tulle but more flowing; popular for skirts, sleeves, backs, and overlays.

What is Chiffon?

Chiffon is a delicate, sheer and transparent material made from silk, polyester or rayon; its soft finish is often layered because of its transparency, making it popular for overskirts, sheer sleeves and wraps. 

What is Organdy?

Organdy is a sheer, crisp, plain-weave fabric typically made of cotton fibers. The yarn is spun, meaning it is created by spinning together short fibers (called staple fibers) to create a long, continuous thread.

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