Our selection of wedding gowns and bridal dresses are unique. We offer several different styles of dresses that are either new, gently-used or vintage. Some are modest, sexy or just simply elegant to fit any wedding style. 



What is featured at bridalgownsused.com is guaranteed to be as described. A detailed description indicating the condition, size, color, material and special features for the each item. Our measurements are all assumed to be approximate. We measure every gown as exactly as possible to guide you. Do not assume a gown size tag is the size you buy in street clothes. Measuring yourself will help you find a gown that will fit your personal body size. Click here for a measuring guide.



Please note that the colors shown on this site are not necessarily true to the items. We do our best to depict the actual color, but they are often viewed differently on different monitors. Contact us for additional information or clearification on any item.



Whatever your style or budget, our reasonably priced, clean and unstained bridal wedding gowns range in sizes 0 to plus size 26. See all our bridal accessories and wedding reception accessories too. Our prices are cheap, but our merchandise is guaranteed to be first class, from top designers.




Why buy once-worn?


As a Times Union article says, "Although some designers offer wedding dresses made from hemp, sustainable silk or organic cotton, the choices are still limited. Once-worn wedding dresses seem to be becoming more popular, however, Harrison says she's heard of brides-to-be going to bridal stores to try on dresses then going elsewhere to buy it from companies that offer once-used dresses.


"It used to be taboo to have a used dress," says Rosalie Meyers of Bridal Gowns Used in Albany, adding that she has seen an increase in sales of the retro, vintage, sample and used designer wedding gowns she offers." 


To read the full article as it appeared, see the Albany Times Union Online Exclusive - White Weddings Go Green.  


Recycling wedding attire is important to save the environment. Recycled wedding attire will also save you money. No one will know you didn't buy it at an upscale bridal shop and how little it cost. If you tell them, they will not believe it.  


Our promise


Bridalgownsused.com specializes in new, gently-used and vintage wedding gowns and bridal dresses that are clean and unstained. Our garments are cleaned without harsh chemicals so they are recycled into environmentally safe wearables at no additional cost to you. All our gowns are suitable for eco-friendly/green weddings.


All dresses are inspected carefully to insure that they are not damaged from being treated with incorrect cleaning fluids or from being improperly pressed. They are all cleaned and unstained. Please note that athough every effort is taken to prevent wrinkling, all gowns should be steamed or pressed before wearing.


We hope you have a beautiful wedding and a long and happy marriage.


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