Keepsake Bouquet Display Holders

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Wedding bouquet holders.

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Plastic bridal display stands.Flowers not included
Clear plastic standing wedding bouquet display stand. Flowers not included.

Clear plastic bouquet holder shown above holding the cascade bouquet, will allow you to display your bridal bouquet on your table at your wedding reception and later as a keepsake at home. Your attendants bouquets can also be displayed on the head table saving buying additional floral arrangements.
You can  display your bouquet in your china cabinet,  on the fireplace or  shelf . It is best used with the straight plastic handle bouquet arranger. Let your florist know if you are using these holders so the flowers are designed in the correct type. The holder has a 3/4" x 1/4" slit for the handle. These retail for $24.50 each online. 
Holder WAF3. $12. each for the new ones. $6. each for the used. All are plus $2.50 each S&H. Order any amount. We have 4 new and 2 used. Flowers are not included.
The second type, WAF4 attaches to the table edge. It is metal and screws on to most tables without damage. It has an oval 1" diameter hole to accept your bouquet handle. The description above on using flat handled floral arrangers also applies to these holders. Round straight holders may fit. Ask the florist. These retail for $11.50 each online. Holder WAF4. Priced $5.50 each plus $2.50 each S&H. Order any amount. We have 9.
The small wedding bouquets shown above are using the screw on style of wedding bouquet holder pictured below. You can also use them for balloons alone or combine balloons with bouquets. Flowers are not included.  
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table wedding bouquet holders
Metal table edge wedding bouquet holder WAF4

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